My Role

UX Design

The Client

A dating app based in India. At the time of the project it was available in India and Indonesia but in process of rapidly expanding to other markets. Woo differentiates itself by bringing in a user's education and employment history from LinkedIn and Facebook into their profile, as well as allowing for tag searching.


Improve the completion rate of profiles.
Improve the information hierarchy and update the layout of the card and profile.
Test a new public polling feature.


Competitive and comparative research
User research
Interaction prototyping
User testing


Approximately 4 months


The App Before


Competitive Analysis:  Understanding what is working in other dating apps across the world

Analyzing an app's onboarding process:   Examples

Comparative Research:   Looking at China's cross-functional social apps

In addition to the Momo app, I looked at this research deck prepared by Samantha Cheuong from Woo, as well as read articles and white papers on Chinese social apps. These apps are not exclusively for dating: They encompass a digital social ecosystem that include chat rooms, public polling, forums, random chats with nearby strangers, quizzes, social gaming and more functionality than traditional dating apps elsewhere.

Ideating & Concepting: Better Data Capture and Onboarding

A high-level flow for first time users

The concept was to get users quickly into the browsing experience by means of lightweight registration. The inputs were based on Woo's existing ones.

Micro-game Ideas: Form-filling Made Fun

The idea was to take the existing profile inputs and transform them into tiny, short games of delightful interaction that could be sprinkled throughout the browsing experience. This would allow the user to progressively complete his profile without having to necessarily go to  'profile'   >   'edit'.


Interviewing & Testing with Potential Users

I did several rounds of user testing & interviews after every profile iteration (3 iterations in total). The format was a mix of qualitative interviews with testing to understand attitudes towards online dating, usability of the wires and reception of the new features proposed.

I also conducted a number of preliminary interviews to better inform myself of the current digital ecosystem of dating.


Ver 1:   A More Scannable Profile

The focus on the first version was to make the profile more easily scannable and readable, introduce an open text field and test a new public poll feature called QuestionCast.

Ver 2:   Highlighting Commonalites

After user testing and discussing with Woo stakeholders, I continued to iterate shortening the length of profile, highlight commonalities between the user and the profile and fleshing out the public polling feature.

Ver 3:   Short & Sweet + Tag Searching